Laser cutting || Results

In the last post, I went through the process of getting an image ready for laser printing or screen printing. I think that the process would work really well for 4 colours in screenprinting, as I’ve done it before, I can kind of guess that minor adjustments would need to be made, but this is the first time ever that I am playing with laser cut/engraving and there were  A LOT of changes that I needed to do to the art before it could go to the laser machine.

Using the same leaves image and two other ones, I wanted to try the different effects that can be achieved with laser:
cut: red 0,5pt outlines,
engrave: green 0,5pt outlines,
raster: black 0,5pt outlines.

The artwork needs to be very simplified.

For the first one: cut, leaf skeleton.
My original artwork was too complex, it was all like on the left image, bottom left
-Too many paths, too many angles, very thin spaces between shapes so I divided my sample into 4 to see what worked best with the machine vs. what I wanted to achieve, I did this by manipulating scale, space between shapes and complexity of the angles. (as seen in the red artwork on the left)

I think that the best one for this particular one was the edits on the bottom right.

For the second one: raster.
I separated my original artwork and worked the lines with different outlines that tell the machine how separate are the rastered lines.
1st section (left) 2pt outlines
2nd section (middle) 1pt outlines
3rd section (right) 3 pt outlines
I think all of them worked fine.

and for the third one: engrave.
The technician got confused about this one but still gave me what I needed to see. The green sections were done using different styles ranging from perfect circles to dots. They all looked fine but further testing needs to be done for scale and material.


These tests were fun. I think that with the right artwork there could be a lot of fun things to be made using this technique!