Inspiration from Dana Cohen

Dana Cohen is doing something that isn’t new but that I find very new.

For her project Worn again she’s totally owning the “reconstructed” look in texture and shape, taking advantage of the colours and apparent stiffness of the resulting fabric, making the garments really take another life.

I’d love to learn the technique that she uses to blend both materials 😀

Worn Again, her graduation collection, introduces a new and environment-friendly approach to textile manufacturing. The Worn Again process create a new cycle of life to used textiles that were thrown away. Dana is collecting these used fabrics and shredding them to create ‘cloudy’ felt.


See images here

“Revolution is destroying the perfect to enable the impossible”

I heard this man talk about the way of getting used garments with recycling bags.

It leaves me with a lot of questions in regards to finding more information about initiatives that are already happening.

This is exciting 🙂

ps. his reflection on mother earth and the changes that we need to make as a society really resonated with me.