Image engraving // screen printing

FINALLY! well, I don’t know if this is going to work (or how it is actually going to turn out) but I remember having a struggle with turning images into bitmaps to screen print, but in this case, I am going to try laser engraving.

I think that if would be possible to use this same directions to create images for screen printing, I’m guessing that the black dots would need to be bigger (future experiment?)

Directions for Photoshop:

The image needs to have a good contrast so it translates well to one colour.

Open –> Image file and tweak the colours

Image –> Mode –> Grayscale (yes to discard colour information)

Image –> Mode –> Bitmap
Resolution: 300 dpi / Use: Halftone screen
Halftone screen:  Frequency 53 lines/inch / Angle 45 degrees / Shape: Round

AND I got this:


And, image ready for the laser machine:


Images from the experiment TK (as we said in my old job!)

How exciting!






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