Inspiration from Heather Orr

I really wanted to get some notes down about Heather Orr’s lecture last Friday at the Lecture theatre at Sion Hill.

She talked about her career and the path that led her to where she is now. I felt identified when she talked about her experiences after graduating from her MA. I certainly know a lot of people that have felt disappointed right after finishing university, coming from a creative atmosphere where one can do practically anything and clashing with how the real world works in design and feeling hopeless and frustrated… At least that was my experience, and by the way she expressed herself, I felt that it has been hers as well.

She mentioned something that was key to me: Collaborate with people that have a complimentary set of skills.

Her whole experience and the story of the development of her practice was fascinating to me, not only because they keep exploring new markets but also because they keep evolving and learning from their mistakes but always knowing What they’re good at, What they want to do and Who they are as a brand.

The desire to keep exploring with different materials and surfaces and learning from different environments, such as being a lecturer or collaborating with charities, reminded me of that curious mind that is essential for any designer —something that I’m currently working on.

Definitely worth hearing her talk 🙂
See her work at:


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