just – E N J O Y –

It’s been quite a struggle to feel free about the direction in which I’m going.
I’ve come to the conclusion that the working life –Should I say: My working life– made it real easy to just switch off any desire to create and imagine because of what was needed from me.

No originality, can’t do’s, cero desire for new ideas, a really dry and uninspiring environment.

I am really terrible at self-reflecting words but 7 years of work do make an effect in one’s brain and the desire to create. Something that’s so innate for some people (at least it was for me during my university years)

So. To start: (I better) not think about how I am going to make things, wonder if they will make sense, wonder if they’re needed, and be free in the direction that ideas take me and just flow.
I acknowledge the fact that during those 7 years I knew that I was putting my creativity to sleep but I didn’t do much to keep it up, so, this is like a jump start on having that active brain that just shoots ideas all the time and appreciate them as they come and play with them, not just scare them away because there’s not enough time to make them. Creativity must be like a plant; you need to water it or else it’ll die.

To flowing.

To thinking about colourful things 24/7.


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