Hello | Hola

I have never been one of those people that loves to tell everyone what’s in her head, but I’ll try.
I never been of those who are very good at working with online things, even though I can make a book or an illustration on the computer, very contradictive?, maybe…

I’m hoping that this will be a tool to inspire myself and keep record of what I’m seeing, while trying to find my way in the textiles world.

Why did I change my mind about wanting to make graphics for textiles for the fashion industry? I guess that in the moment that we’re at, it is crucial to look around ourselves and try to add something positive, no matter how little it is. To be part of something that is a conversation starter on how we are going to change things and how we can all do something so our way of living doesn’t impact so negatively our surroundings.

I feel that for the most part, the fashion industry is about social media, celebrities, a luxurious lifestyle, and obviously, consumerism, and I feel that it doesn’t speak to everyday needs and every day people, it is for sure something pretty to look at and it is certainly inspiring, but I want to be part of something that I don’t feel is as vain.

Too blunt?



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